7 Ways To Express Your Feelings To The One You Love

7 Ways To Express Your Feelings To The One You Love_POR

Everyone has an addiction, but sometimes the greatest addiction is to have someone who loves us a great deal. If I may say the Romeo and Juliet kind of love. Since love is about feelings, we need our partner to expresses his/her feelings openly and in a romantic way. Someone who appreciates us and who will want the whole world to know about us. It feels good to be with someone who you feel safe with.

The following are some of the ways to express your feelings to the love of your life:

1.Telling Your Partner That You Love Him or Her

Never get tired of saying ‘ I love you’. These three words are more powerful. They speak your feelings in a very deep way. However, there are many ways of saying ‘ I love you’. Don’t make it sound monotonous, a bit of creativity is necessary. Instead, you can use phrases like: ‘you are a blessing to me’, ‘am so lucky to have you in my life’, ‘ am crazy for you’, ” you are the best thing I ever had ” and other romantic phrases that will make him or her to feel it. These kind of phrases communicate a great deal of feelings towards them.

2. Give them time

They say time is money. But in a relationship time is more than money. So you should create enough time to spend with him/ her. The more you spend time together, the more you fall for each other over and over again. This shows that you are caring and you always want to have them by your side. During this time you can have fun together, watch a movie together, ride a bicycle or talk about life issues together. Most importantly don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

3. Listen To Your Partner

Communication is effective when both parties are actively involved. Immediate feedback is given. Communication is not just listening but also giving meaningful feedback depending on the subject matter. Give full attention to your lover and keep away things that might cause disruptions, like your phone. Make them see that you are interested in what they are talking about and contribute to the conversation. It can be very annoying talking to someone who doesn’t pay attention. Make the conversation meaningful by giving a good reply. Express love by listening to them and helping them if need be. Listening to them shows that you are there for them and it also shows some kind of deep affection.

4. Cuddling

Love is not all about making love. It is more than that. Cuddling your partner brings the sweetest feeling ever. It makes you for a moment forget all the troubles you have and instead makes you feel like you are in another world which we are yet to discover. During this time just focus on your partner, If you are a guy, embrace her and touch her body gently and whisper to her how beautiful and lovely she is. Make it as romantic as you can get.

5. Leave them a Hand-Written Note

A handwritten letter is more original. It shows that the ideas are from your mind and from your heart. You have no idea how this feels. In fact, it can make their heart melt, smile broadly and behave in a crazy way. They will keep on reading that letter again and again while thinking of you. In the letter tell them how they make you happy, remind them of stories that create good feeling and tell them that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

6. Giving your partner surprise gifts

Talking of surprise, women love surprises soo much. If you are a guy then you should surprise her with gifts at some point. It is not a must for the gift to be expensive, a simple gift like sweet smelling red roses is enough. She will appreciate it. Also, you can surprise her with things like taking her out on a dinner date or even buying her a beautiful dress, ring, necklace earrings and any other thing that she likes.
Ladies on the other hand, you can buy your man a simple gift like a jersey of his best football team or throwing him a big birthday party during his birthday. Just do something that will reveal to him how much you care about his passion and hobbies.

7. Tell them how important they are in your life

Appreciating your partner is also important. Let him/ her know that they play an important role in your life. For example, you can tell them ” when I am sad you always give me a reason to smile” or “when I lose hope, you always give me a reason to strive harder”. It will make them feel appreciated. Appreciate your love. Make him/ her feel loved. Express love without limits. Ensure that you always make them happy by taking good care of them and wiping their tears in times of sorrow. Be faithful to them. By doing this you will be creating strong bonds that will not be easy to break.