Getting A Girl Out Of Your League

Getting A Girl Out Of Your League_POR

Some times you meet a girl so drop-dead gorgeous or a girl who is super smart and super successful. A movie star or super model and you would feel completely intimidated by them and hesitate to approach them. You would just feel that the girl is just out of your league and you can’t have them. So today let’s analyze how to get to these out of your league kind of girls.

1. Be a gentleman

Be nice to her and do not pretend to be a jerk just to impress her. Both lying about your real self and being disrespectful will increase the gap in between you and the girl.
When you have actually talked a couple of times, the majority of girls will be comfortable with you making a couple of easy-going jokes at her expenditure. If she takes a joke seriously and is angered, simply ask forgiveness calmly and let her understand you were just joking.

2. Be real

You should know that the more attractive a girl is, most people that she gets to meet on a daily basis are fake because they want to impress her. The most good looking girls are tired of guys trying to be something that they are not and presume whatever they think girls want especially when they don’t give them much credit.
Be real, do not shy away from giving her a compliment. It might be the way she looks or perhaps for a professional achievement of hers. Just be sure to not go overboard until you seem to be faking it. Keep it simple and straightforward.
Which brings us to the next point.

3. Appreciate her

Many attractive women don’t feel respected. Guys are so used to seeing beautiful girls pictures all over the billboards and magazine covers that when they notice one in real life, they often don’t bother to find out if she’s smart, funny, kind, or interesting. In fact, a lot of men do not think twice about staring, making ridiculous remarks etc.
Try to appreciate her for who she really is and not just for her looks. Yes, girls feel the need to be appreciated for their looks. but it makes them feel better to know that they are more than just a pretty face. So try to find more about her through interesting conversations. You will have an advantage as most guys will just concentrate on her beauty.

4. Be yourself and be confident

Most attractive girls will have seen enough admirers pass by their path to know whether or not you’re not being yourself. And if she knows you’re acting differently for her, she’ll lose respect for you.
A guy who understands his value, who he is, and what he wants is incredibly attractive to girls, especially the ones who have achieved something great on their own. So it’s important to access yourself and understand yourself.
And get rid of those insecurities that you have when it comes to dating a successful or stunning girl.

5. Have a good sense of humor

If you can bring a smile on her face, nothing better. Stunning women do not look around to find people more good looking than themselves. What they will appreciate the most is if you can make them laugh and make them feel happy. If you are cheerful yourself and fun to be around they are going to like you.

6. Make the first move

Simply move up to her and say hi on the train, street, any place. Girls have the very same internal struggles to start a conversation with guys. So yeah, in most cases you have to make the very first move.

7. Leave her wanting more

Keep the conversation short, active and fascinating. Just spend enough time to make her interested in you. Go from general conversation to actually communicating with her to make her interested to know more about you and then go away. Let her understand you have to go, wish her a great day, and move away.