Getting Your Ex Back

Getting Your Ex Back_POR

When it comes to getting your ex back you are mostly told to not keep in touch and to make your Ex-jealous enough to get back with you.
But even if that was to be true, how do you achieve that. The problem is that you are constantly thinking about them and doing something or the other to get their attention.
And you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goal with that state of mind.
You will have to change your plan of action while keeping your options open.
First of all, you have to “recover” from the heartbreak.
Once you recover and achieve a positive frame of mind, you can work to “revive” the relationship.
If you follow these steps properly, you will be able to get your ex back.
But for most people, it is the recovery stage that is most difficult. Because you are heartbroken and wouldn’t want to do anything exciting and you are constantly moody.
You have to realize that your ex wouldn’t want to get back with someone who is constantly moody and sobbing.
This is the tough part, to convince yourself – to pull out from the pit you find yourself in.
However, you can follow some steps to recover and in fact become a better version of yourself in the process.

1. Workout – GO TO A GYM

Exercising is one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health. Regular exercise can create a positive frame of mind and reduce depression, anxiety etc.
It also relieves stress, gets you better sleep, and lifts up the overall mood. Helps in some of the common problems associated with the Breakup.
Work out will push you into a positive frame of mind. Also, your physicality improves making you more confident and attractive.
This could play a big part in getting your ex back.

2. Meditation – DO SOME YOGA.

There have been a lot studies about meditation. Meditation is not as hard as a lot of people think it is. It is not even boring.
It can help you take control of things in your life.
Meditation at first can feel a bit awkward. But once you start practicing, you will feel a lot more comfortable doing it.
You could just join a Yoga class.
Yoga helps in the concentration of the breath and body, which will soothe your mind and get you relief from worries. By releasing tension and stress, yoga poses and breathing exercises help you be free from the negative elements. As a result, a person who do yoga is better able to feel good about themselves and reach a positive psychological state.
When you feel good from inside it shows on the exterior and the next time you meet your ex, it might just be this freshness that will help in getting your ex back.

3. Go out with friends and family

This is certainly one of the best ways of getting over your ex.
Just call up your friends or family and plan for some kind of fun activity. Now it can be difficult in your mental state but you will be amazed at how much better you will feel after this.
Don’t just go out with your friends and constantly talk about the breakup. Even your friends would get fed up.
Instead, try having fun with your friends.
In fact, try to put in some effort to make new friends.
Join a club, go to the gym or take a class, it doesn’t matter what you do, but try to meet new people.
It’s by far one of the best ways to forget about your ex and maybe you might even find someone better.

4. Concentrate on work or school

This is one way to turn your breakup into something positive and productive.
If you can focus all of the negative feelings and emotions into your studies or work, it will keep you busy and make you recover from the breakup even quicker.
Well at this point in time, thinking about work or studying is probably one the last things you’ll want to do, but you would have achieved something productive with it while relieving your pain.
This could also do wonders for your future.

5. Find a new hobby

So this is probably the best time to focus on yourself and the things you enjoy most.
Learn to play a guitar, violin or piano. Enroll to take some lessons.
This is a fantastic way to take your mind off your ex.
This will not only help you recover from your breakup, but you’ll become even more attractive with the newly acquired skills


Following these steps could really help you almost find a new you. Now, whenever you approach your ex later in a less intrusive way. They would be left wanting for more of you. A part of you that they were never aware of. This could very well be a new form of attraction. Something your ex might not be able to resist. Freshness in a relationship has a very important value. May be that is what was missing between the two of you. And if everything goes well, you might just be on the way to getting your ex back.
Advantages are many in following these steps. even if your ex-doesn’t come back to you. You will have realized your self-worth and also possibly have met someone new and exciting to look forward to.