How To Get Over The Love Of Your Life

How To Get Over The Love Of Your Life_POR

Letting go of a romantic relationship that you felt was the love of your life can be extremely hard. Moving on in life and recovering from the heartache it caused can take some time. Everything will seem dark, dull and fuzzy. It’s possible that even though it’s been some time since the break up, You struggle to focus, sleep or eat. It drains all your energy.
Here is the thing, we sometimes doesnt want to let go. Even when being together is probably not the best option for both of us. People can fall in love with someone else or they might move to a different city far away for a career or just about anything else. This is something that life throws at us and there is nothing you can do about it.

1. Eliminate all modes of communication

Sometimes we feel it is in some way noble to be friends with our ex. But it does more harm than anything else. So the first thing in order is to delete the phone number. Get rid of all that you treasured, chats, emails etc. Disable their updates on your social media feed. It will hurt you very much doing so but letting yourself have that oppurtunity to contact your ex in desperate, weak emotional moments is not going help you get over them. Being friends with your ex is only going to drive you in to depression, cause anxiety and jealosy.

2.Trash physical items that might bring back memories

While in a relationship it is common for us to preserve gifts and physical items that symbolises any special occation. We might have notes, letters, playlist of songs and special movies that we watch together. It is better to get rid of all those items that remind you of your love and take us back in to our time together. You don’t necessarily have to throw them away forever, you could just take a considerable break from them. Just to give yourself some time to move on.

3. Do something physically to end it

We have had people saying that they have written goodbye letters and making videos where they put out all their emotions and talk freely about the hopes that they had for the relation and talk about how it is hurting and cannot go forward. This gives you some kind of relief, probably some kind of symbolic end, which helps in moving forward. Generally it is easier to start over once something else has ended.

4. Allow yourself the time needed for healing

You can never say how long it takes for the heart to heal after a failed romantic relationship. you can feel the pain even if you are the one who ended it. The time varies for each individual and intensity of the feeling. It can be frustrating getting through this time period, but you need to respect that time required. It is essential for the healing process.

5. Letting go

Now this is going to be the hardest but it is necessary to let go. We might constantly get the urge to reconnect and if you follow the earlier steps you will be able to fight that urge. The respectful and valuable thing you can do for both of you is to let go, not feel bitter and wish them all the happiness. May be you can love them more by letting go. There is a saying

“If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it wasn’t".