How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work

How To Make Long Distance Relationship Work_POR

Generally, long-distance relationships are hard and anyone who has been in one says it’s hard to make it work. So let’s figure out, What are the secrets to having a good, strong long-distance relationship?
If you are reading this, then it’s either because you are in a long-distance relationship or just on the edges of a long-distance relationship wondering whether to dive in or not.
Let’s go through few secrets for a successful long-distance relationship.


Well if you think about it, this could be hard to do as you two live far far away. So let’s just concentrate on the simple things.
You might be having most of your conversation via Skype or Whatsapp.
⦁ Well, change that routine a bit by once in a while sending an email.
Just think about the feeling someone gets in their gut when they’re not used to seeing your name appear in their inbox and then all of a sudden they get an email from you it’s a different feeling so it creates that spark again.
⦁ Alternatively, you could write a letter to them.
It’s a little more old school than email but that is exactly its charm. Writing a letter is really sexy and can make your partner feel a personal connection with you.
It’s a psychological thing. In today’s digital world, having something physical that connects to you can be very romantic.
⦁ Another thing that you could do is sending them gifts or presents.
It will make them feel amazing if you can send them gifts once in a while. With the advent of the digital era, we now have many apps and services that you can access from anywhere in the world to deliver gifts.
⦁ You could take pictures during your day and share it with them
Well, this could be an amazing way to make your partner feel that they are part of your life. It will make them feel amazing when you share little details of your day with then through pictures even.

Nullify distance as a disabilty by harnessing other senses

When you have a disability you tend to harness improved senses in other areas.
The same can happen in the case of long-distant relationships as well.
In case of long-distant relationships the disability is that you can’t be next to your partner, no touching, no sex, no kisses, you can’t can’t share any intimate moments.
But you could develop other aspects of your relationship to overcome this disability.
In this case you could improve the level of communication and emotional connection. With quality communications you could get to know each other better.
Sometimes we tend to develop the more important parts of our relationship with someone while we’re away from them.

Us against the world attitude

Its important to have an attitude that “You and I” is the most important thing.
The attitude that we are going to be on the same page against any obstacle as a couple almost like a team is so important when it comes to long-distance relationships.
And this is something the two of you have to develop together. It’s not going to work out if this is a one sided thought. So you need to properly communicate about things like these.
So if you are sure that both of you are on the same page with this, don’t really care about what every one else have to say.


All of this is relevant only if at the end of the day, there is something positive coming out of the relationship. It could either be that you both get to live together after few years or some kind of experience that you get to have together that could leave a lasting memory. Anything positive to look forward to.
The fact is long-distance relationships can be really hard. But if you have that positive conclusion in mind then it is certainly worth fighting for and do everything possible to make sure that the two of you stay strong in the relationship.