What to Do When a Girl You Like Ignores You?

What to Do When a Girl Ignores You_POR

Sometimes the girl you like ignores you or does not take note of your advances. It can be extremely frustrating, disheartening and discouraging. Even though you have done everything that you can to grab her attention, you just don’t matter. It is certainly going to upset you. So what are you gonna do about it?

Now, this can be quite complicated. In general, girls are complicated and above that, if you have to figure out why she is ignoring you. It can be daunting. To be frank there can be multiple reasons why the girl might be ignoring you.

First, let’s figure out why sometimes girls ignore guys who keep on trying.

It is possible that the girl is uncomfortable with the idea of rejecting a certain guy. So instead of going through the rejection process girls come up with the mechanism of ignoring the guy till he quits trying.
There could be other reasons too. Some girls just don’t realize that you are interested in them. Some fail to figure out the fact that you like them as more than a friend. They could just think that you like them just as a friend and so fails to reciprocate to your advances.

So how can you win her over? Let us look at few options:

1. Make her realize that the two of you have a connection

If you like her then it is probably because there is something that connects you to her. It could be a hobby or love for a band or even a certain genre of movies. Something that makes you feel like she completes you.
Your feeling for her is generated by your knowledge of this connection. It is highly possible that if you can make her realize or feel the same connection that you feel for her, she might just give you a chance.

2. Make a big gesture.

This works with a lot of girls. It is possible she might be getting similar attention from multiple guys. So if you want to stand out, you will have to make a big gesture to make her notice you. Something that will show her your affection for her. You could write her a love letter or if you are an artist you could draw her or maybe write her a poem or do something that you know she is gonna like. Whatever you do, make it big, public, and shows her your intense affection for her.

3. Give her some space

If you have been bugging her by giving her too much attention. Then it will be a good idea to give her a break, respect her privacy and give her some space. Let her know you can move on if she won’t give you the attention you want. When she sees that you can let her go and stop talking to her, she’ll start to miss your efforts and attention. This might make her stop ignoring you.

4. Ask her why

If she suddenly started to ignore you out of the blue or you just don’t understand why she is ignoring you, just ask her why. There is every chance that she will let you know. It could just be a misunderstanding. You can talk about it and solve the problem so that she’ll stop ignoring you.

5. Stop trying, she’s not interested in you

If all your efforts fail then she’s probably just not interested in you. If she really doesn’t want you to pursue her then it is better to let her be. It could creep her out. Don’t make her think you’re a desperate or a creep. Get out when you can and accept that she’s not that interested in you.