Why Are Smart Independent Women Single?

Why Are Smart Independent Women Single?_POR

The world has generally been a difficult place for women. Be it at work, house or out in the streets. Today’s women, however, has actually come out of those limitations to be at par with their male companions.
But sometimes it is a disadvantage to be a successful independent woman. It might not be incorrect to state that the bars are raised when it comes to men. Given that the expectation levels are so high, the independent, smart and successful women find it hard to discover love.

1. Successful women don’t necessarily “NEED” a guy

Sure, there are particular aspects of having a guy around that make life simpler. Everyone is fascinated by the feeling of love and being loved. But today’s modern, successful women do not need a guy to take care of them and they are completely efficient in functioning all on their own, so they are not going to break down if they are single for some time. They might just be happy with the freedom of singleness.
Clearly, they might want to be with a guy but they don’t need a guy just to complete them.

2. Understanding of their needs

Even if it is a lesson learned the hard way, Smart women learn from their mistakes. And hence they are very clear about their needs. Since they can fend for themselves, they do not feel the need to put up with the demands of the guys they are with.
If they feel that the guy is not right for them, they find it easier to move on.

3. Successful women are hard to impress.

Smart women understand exactly what their needs are and they require somebody who not just values them, but also provides something equally valuable in return.
If it is about material things that the guys own, these women might just be capable of owning it themselves. So it is substance over style for them.

4. They are too busy to date

In between their professional objectives and active social life, a lot of these women simply do not have the time to go on dates. Since they are successful at work, they are constantly in the lookout to improve their career position and knowledge and sometimes are just too busy focussed on themselves and the career goals that they give a pass on dating.

5. They are clear about the guys they want to date

Smart and successful are generally quite independent and do not stress over what others think of them. Just because they don’t want be termed “Single”, they are not going to force a relationship on themselves. They are clear about the kind of guys that they want to date and most of the time it is hard finding that guy.

6. Sometimes, the problem also lies with the men

Smart women will be able to comprehend ways to separate the dominating/possessive jackasses. They do not want to be with somebody who is going to treat them like a property. Some passionate and driven men can be self-indulgent and would consider his goals and dreams to be more important than that of the woman in his life. He desires a female who will be standing next to him in life, supporting him in his endeavors and believes that her life surrounds all around his dreams.